Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Beginnings

I've recently begun an all-out assault on the health problems that have been belaboring me for the past 7 months (daily nausea and headaches that are seemingly unexplainable), and a strange thought occurred to me yesterday: I have always assumed that if I can get treatment to end the headaches, I will become the more cheery, positive version of myself that has ceased to exist these days. But what if the real Adrienne is actually just a bitch? What if the chiropractor, the rolfing appointments and the myriad medical tests rid me of not only my symptoms, but also my niceness? Could it be possible that curing my pain will not be a panacea to an idyllic life, as I had thought, but instead leave me more time to dwell on the negative? It's anyone's guess. Kind of makes you wonder, though.

So I am off to the chiropractor tomorrow for my first adjustment. Hopefully all goes well and I will live to see another day of witty prose for the blog. If not, and he snaps my neck like a twig, I do NOT recommend going to Dr. Hilpisch in Lake Elmo, MN. Ha ha... In all seriousness, I think this is going to be really good for me, so fingers crossed.

I'll leave you with my other deep thought of the week - Wild Cherry Pepsi tastes like Pepsi with Cough Syrup in it. I only realized this a few days ago, and wondered how I never realized it before. Yuk.