Monday, April 21, 2008

Lovely Day

Spring has finally arrived in Minneapolis/St. Paul (it's only a month late...) - yesterday we officially hit 70 degrees, and it was gorgeous. Made my search for a new apt, with a patio so I can BBQ, even more relevant. Spent the afternoon looking at places, then went over to a friend's house for some burgers and stayed late around the fire pit as the stars came out, sipping watermelon screwdrivers. What a perfect end to a lovely day :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


The last place one would expect to step in a big pile of shit is in a bathroom. Am I wrong? Seriously - you'd expect to step in shit out on the street somewhere, but not indoors, on a pristine bathroom floor.

Well, things can't get any stranger, because this morning, I stepped in a big pile of shit - IN THE LADIES' ROOM AT WORK! Are you fucking kidding me?! I was talking to someone when I went in the stall and didn't even notice until I had stepped smack in the middle of it. Things haven't been swell at work the last few weeks, so this is either a metaphor come to life, or a sign from above. Oh, the irony...

I cannot believe that someone would make a mess on the floor, and not attempt to clean it up. I surely hope it was an accident - I can understand if we were in the bathroom at a bus station, or on Bourbon St in New Orleans (yes, human feces on the ground here, too), but in the bathroom of a fortune 500 company?! I never knew women could be so un-hygenic.

No way am I going to become a lesbian now!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Duck, duck... grey duck?

It's funny how often you learn something new. I learned quite a few new things this week.

1. I learned that I can sing Aretha Franklin at the end of a long night of Karaoke and (almost) pull it off. Set stretch goals, and go out and get them (some beer and a supportive group of friends doesn't hurt, either).

2. Work. On the upside, this week I learned that loyalty and trust are two of the most important qualities I value in people. On the downside, I learned that upper management at 3M do not possess either of these qualities.

3. By far, the most interesting thing I learned was that in St. Paul, kids don't play duck, duck, goose - they play duck, duck, grey duck. WTF? Minnesotan humor, apparently. You can mess with people this way - "duck, duck, duck, green duck... Gotcha! I said green duck, not grey duck." Kids playing games of semantics? Kind of messed up, if you ask me.