Thursday, April 17, 2008


The last place one would expect to step in a big pile of shit is in a bathroom. Am I wrong? Seriously - you'd expect to step in shit out on the street somewhere, but not indoors, on a pristine bathroom floor.

Well, things can't get any stranger, because this morning, I stepped in a big pile of shit - IN THE LADIES' ROOM AT WORK! Are you fucking kidding me?! I was talking to someone when I went in the stall and didn't even notice until I had stepped smack in the middle of it. Things haven't been swell at work the last few weeks, so this is either a metaphor come to life, or a sign from above. Oh, the irony...

I cannot believe that someone would make a mess on the floor, and not attempt to clean it up. I surely hope it was an accident - I can understand if we were in the bathroom at a bus station, or on Bourbon St in New Orleans (yes, human feces on the ground here, too), but in the bathroom of a fortune 500 company?! I never knew women could be so un-hygenic.

No way am I going to become a lesbian now!


lizkoopmann said...

Well, that's pretty gross!

So, what's up with work?

Caitlin said...

WTF - really? Wow. Your day can only get better from here, I guess. Hope you were wearing ugly closed-toe shoes you wanted to toss anyway.

McRitchie said...

This is now the 2nd place I've worked (out of 2) where a version of this has happened. Last time, there was a trail of droppings from the Men's room to the work area.

The Phantom Pooper has struck again!

Ximena said...

LOL! A, do not panic, in Peru it is said that when you step in shit it is actually good luck...but then again, the rest of your day can only be uphill after that :)!