Saturday, January 12, 2008

Romeo and Juliet for the Next Generation

Last night I went to a YPG cocktail party featuring the opera being performed this month, Romeo and Juliet. Met a couple of nice new people to hang out with, got to drink wine and enjoy the eye candy (the guy playing Romeo was there, and he is freaking hot! Good job, casting director...).

One of the more interesting things we did was play a party game (hear the excitement in my voice) where we explored how the story of R&J has lasted throughout the ages, and made it into contemporary songs, film, etc. I especially liked when the 60-year old woman leading the game attempted to read some lyrics from a Lil' Bow Wow song... We were charged to write our own version of the famous balcony scene, showing it in a new light. A lot of people modernized it, making Romeo a cat burglar and Juliet wondering how he got past all her security. Another group put R&J in a nursing home to show 'old love' (there was lots of diaper-changing going on, I was a little grossed out). My partner Zach and I decided to use that iconic series of Apple commercials as our inspiration. And here it is (DISCLAIMER: written in 5 minutes. Lots of wine involved.):

A: Hi, I'm a MAC.
Z: Hi, I'm a PC.
Wow... you're so sleek and creative.
A: I'm sorry - I can't understand you. We run on different operating systems.
Z: With your electromagnetic field, I am drawn to you.
A: If IT sees you they will make you obsolete!
Z: I'd rather be traded in for a new model than leave the desk we share.
A: But if you're not hooked up to the network, they'll never find you!
Z: I would give up anything, even the network, to share files with you...
A: Oh no - I'm going into sleep mode! Talk to you later.
Z: Wait, don't go! My data exchange is imminent!
A: Oh - I'll turn on my telemetry, now that we both run on windows...
Z: Oh, MAC
A: Oh, PC!

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I think this is quite good for an impromptu play.

So, I gave in and started my own blog with a friend of mine. We have had a book club for well over a year now but decided to expand to other mommies. It's been fun and we only started like a week ago. Have a kid so you can join!

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