Friday, March 21, 2008

Ex-Boyfriends and Resolutions

So, I am once again single. Got me thinking about the good and the bad of recent relationships, and some of the things that have rubbed off on me along the way. From Matt in '07 I picked up drinking organic milk. Tastes sooo much better, I highly recommend it if you have not had the chance. From Adam in '06, I got my cool dining room art installation (ok, really just a bunch of picture frames strategically hung, but I like it). And from my most recent Ex, Scott, I picked up the combination of wine over $10 (come on, we're not in college anymore) and really good dark chocolate. Food is a very personal thing for me, so I guess I choose to remember the good times by the foods my exes leave behind :)

...which leads to my resolutions for spring 2008:
1) Keep up the gym (see last resolutions post).
2) Continue having a life and leaving work at a reasonable hour (ditto).
3) Be single. Be celibate. Now, I know this one is likely to cause a stir, the least of which is because I have kept many friends entertained over the years with my dating escapades. It's time for a little break, for me to get back to understanding what I want out of life, and of relationships in general. And I can't do that if I date every Tom, Dick and Harry (or in MN - Lars, Sven and Erik) that comes along. So, if I'm not going to be dating, then I'm not going to be sleeping with people, either. It's time for a karmic cleansing - no boys allowed!


Katie said...

Yeah, who am I going to get great stories from now?

Ximena said...

Good for you!!! You go girl :)!

Steph McMahon said...

Good for you!!!

when are we getting together?

Megan Hart said...

Would you like to join my girl's trip to Vegas? No boys allowed and we'll keep you honest =)

Adrienne said...

Megan - what is this Vegas Trip? Details, please :)