Sunday, February 1, 2009

Frugality, Day 1

So, the first full day of my experiment was relatively easy. Andy bought all the food for the SuperBowl party we were attending, all I had to bring over were some cooking utensils. I had intended to go grocery shopping today, but never got around to it (which is really a good thing, since I am working off-site all week, and won't need lunches or many dinners - so I didn't really need any food in the first place. Grocery shopping tends to be a habit, I guess).

We spent $20 on bets at the SuperBowl party, of which Andy won $10 for predicting the correct score at halftime, and $50 for a pre-determined bet on the winning team (out of the 12 playoff teams). So, I got my $20 back on the ride home.

Day 1 cost: $0. Feeling somewhat in control of my $: Priceless. I don't pretend to think that it will be this easy every day, but kind of a nice way to ease into it. On an unrelated (but fortuitous) note, I learned tonight that Restaurant Week in the Twin Cities is March 1-6. Hooray for the timing on that one, because I will be eating out every night that week, and breaking my $20 rule for 6 consecutive days :)

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